Wrath and Glory character template

This template is to play Wrath and Glory, the cubicle7 version

This template has been created by Dr. Gamming. I created it because the one created by Tanis is not approved.

· All the test uses d6 rolls and count 1 success on 4+ and 2 successes on 6. To see individual rolls put the mouse on the result in the chat.
(I left it like that so rules like brutal do not need mayor changes.
· It is recommended that you only modify things that seems handwritten.
· To make attributes/skills test just click on the name and it will appear in the chat (Ex: S for strenght or Ballistic skill)
· Evety attribute/trait/skill that depends on other is automatically calculated (Ex: Max Wounds)
· In wrath and glory square i put uses for wrath, glory and shifts of exalted icons
· In the objective square i created actions for rolling d3, d6 and d66 just like WnG uses them (by throwing 2d6).
Also i created the reroll/roll bonus die to do that by modifying the right number and then clicking on the action.
· The weapons work as an action: If you click on the name you will make an attack test with BS (WS is melee square is check) and
it will also send to the chat the damage, the ED rolls, and the AP.
· The psyquic powers work similarly to weapons: they are actions, when you click on them you send the DN for the power and 3 possible test to the
chat (each one for bound, unbound and trascendent level with the bonus wrath dice counted). Also the powers psyniscience and deny the witch are
written because every psyker knows them.
· You can create more weapons and psyquic powers slots by making smaller the ones in the sheet and organizing them. I left this way because i find
no inmersion in being able to take a lot of guns and powers with you (it could work like weight limit or mental limit).
·If you see any error write me on the forum.


If you want to use it and it is not approved write me on the forum, i will invite you to a game where you can download it.
I will make a simpler version to create npc

Here is a link to NPC template

Hi there, I’m interested in checking out this sheet but I get an error saying I don’t have permission to view it, could Inget an invite to a game to download the sheets, please?

i would also like to see this template, but i am unable to access it

Hi @Darth_Venrir,

Sheets are private by default. Here’s an explanation on how the community sheets work in Astral: