Whitelist URLs?

Is there a list of URLs to whitelist? I’m running a D&D club as an after school program and might need to get around the school’s filter/firewall. Thanks.

Hello @lso9d9 and welcome to the forums.

The best place to ask would probably be in the Discord server, or send an e-mail to support@astraltabletop.com rather than here. It might take a long while for a staff member to respond, especially with the long weekend in the USA leading into tomorrow.

All astral services that you would likely run through Astral would be *.astraltabletop.com

Currently the ones I’m aware of are app.astraltabletop.com & beta.astraltabletop.com

Stripe is the primary payment processor if paid services are being used, so any domains associated with that would need to be whitelisted as well.