Whisper (/dm /gm) works in chat, not in Action message

Hi there,

Is there a reason why /gm or /dm does not work when place in the “Message” field of an Action ?
On my character sheets I’ve got some /dm rolls. When copy pasted in the chat, it works fine and nobody can see it except for the player and the DM. But when placed in an action message, it actually prints, to everybody “/dm the_message_content_and_rolls”…

I’m new to Astral, so maybe there is something I did wrong or didn’t notice yet… Any solution someone ?

Hi @DantheJack and welcome to our community

That is likely an issue with the way Actions are parsed. Please drop a bug report for that issue.


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Thank you, I appreciate it.

Actually, I just tried to submit the report, but it seems that captcha itself is buggy. It keeps loading and then stops as if it had been validated, then when I try to submit the report, it appears again and I get the message “Captcha verification failed, try again!”. I swear I am not a robot tho.

If someone else could try to submit it, that would be great, otherwise I’ll try tmrw again, hoping it’s just a temporary problem.

Edit : I’m adding a screenshot of the bug itself, just in case (sorry for the french bits but the problem should be clear anyway, since a message with /gm at its beginning is displayed in the chat).

I submitted a bug report for this.


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Please use the bug report tool to the right of Chat. It looks like a beetle.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail. Please reply to that e-mail and attach your images to that.

It’s done, thank you !