Where's layers, characters, and the power bar?

Having issues with some basics here. Made a map, put in lines for dynamic lighting, put in doors, but dragging a mini out just creates it’s own layer with no apparent options to make them a character or give them stats, they’re just an object. I saw mention of a “power bar” somewhere but I see nothing like that on my screen nor an option to make it visible. I’ve seen “Layers” mentioned, but likewise no obvious way to create a layer short of dropping in an asset and having it be it’s own “layer” of a sort. I certainly don’t want 50 layers for characters.

Joined discord to ask there, but the channels I need aren’t visible, only announcement channels.

Any help would be appreciated. Let me know what obvious thing I missed that I can enable so I can smack myself in the head and continue prepping.

You’ll need to exit map edit mode (Shortcut key E) and go to the characters pane (Shortcut key C) to add characters

Neither E nor C seem to do anything.

Hi @jector,

You need to read the rules on the Discord channel before gaining access to the server.

In the meantime, you are likely in the vault map editor, and the power bar is only available in-game.

A map is not a game, which is where I think the confusion stems from.

In order to be able to switch from “Map Mode” to “Game Mode”, you need to first import this map into a game.

The Vault Map Editor only allows you to edit maps, not control game features. To tell if you are in the vault editor, check your URL. If it contains /editor, then save your work, create a new game, and import that map from the vault into your game.

Let me know if you get stuck, always happy to help! :slight_smile:

Yeah, I did that and added the emote minutes after joining the server.

Thanks. That’s what I needed.

Yeah, I did that and added the emote minutes after joining the server.

@jector Are you still unable to join? I can investigate this for you.

I’m in the server still, but can only see those announcement channels, none of the actual conversation channels. I see them listed in the “wayfinding” channel, but they are all grayed out and don’t appear on the left side at all in their respective categories.

Yikes, not a great first impression when trying to get help, I could imagine.

We’re investigating this, you did everything on your end right. It’s an issue with our new system.

@jector I’ll reach back out when we have this resolved, in the meantime I’ve granted you access.

Cool. Appreciate the help.

As an aside, I’d recommend the “Start new game” button be much more noticeable. I lost it in the clutter there and found lots of “just do this” directions out there with no indication that you had to begin a game and attach your map before you could do those things.

// Closing issue as resolved.