When will the 3D Dice be available?

How soon is “coming soon”?

As features are implemented based on user requests here in the Feature Requests, and 3D dice have not received much attention, Soon in this case is probably a long time off.

For the record, this is the original request:

Also… Maybe this post should be moved to another category so as to not divide votes?


Surprising that Virtual 3D dice is not popular.

Hi all!

3d dice has been something that we fully intended on putting time into. We laid a good bit of the groundwork for this feature, but frequent surveys, interviews and other community outreach showed the interest wasn’t there. Through that feedback we went down other roads for feature prioritization.

We want to build it, but we need to see that it’s strongly desired. What you can do to help is to vote and comment on Animated Dice Rolls, the original feature request regarding 3d Dice.

That being said, it is confusing that we’ve had a “3d Dice Coming Soon™” callout in the Vault when we haven’t done any further work on it, so we will be taking that callout down.

//closing as duplicate of Animated Dice Rolls