When I give control of the characters, a Click Roll becomes Delayed Roll

Hello I am the first content creator of Astral in Brazil! (RPG Explorer)

I have a problem that when I assign a player, all Click to Roll bugs.

can you help me?

Hello @EXPLORER and welcome to the Forums

That would only happen if you have !! in front of a roll instead of !. Can you check if this is the case? If not, please use the bug report so that the staff can look into the problem for you.

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Yes it is !!, but it was just a temporary bug, after restarting the page everything is ok, and the bug has not returned. Thank you for your support!

Also, keep in mind that GMs can only roll delayed rolls for tokens that they own or tokens that are not owned by anyone.

If a player owns a token, only the owner can roll the delayed roll. The GM can’t force that character to roll unless the GM takes ownership of the token or removes the player from ownership.

Hope this helps!

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