What the heck happened to my walk-through?

I got booted from the introductory walk-through, and asked to verify my email. I verified email, but when I came back, the walk-through had vanished. I can’t find it anywhere, and I would really appreciate being able to complete it.

Where is it?

I would also like to know this! I wasn’t able to complete mine right away. I closed my browser, and when I next logged in, the walkthrough was gone. I’m really confused how to navigate the system, and the walkthrough would be really handy.

I’m thinking about making a new account just so I can go through the walkthrough fully.


You should be able to find your game here:

Otherwise create a new game. Below where you choose the system you can click the links to create a Tutorial game instead.

To add to what LaMorte has said, when you aren’t in a game or editing a map, you’re in the “Vault”. This area is where you can manage your content.

When in the vault, there’s a sidebar with all your created games. The image LaMorte provided is the collapsed view. When it’s not collapsed, it’ll look like this:


You should see a “getting started with Astral” game in your sidebar. Click on that to boot the tutorial back up and pick up where you left off!

Hope this helps, reach out with any questions or concerns.