What RPGs can I actually play using Astral?

I created an account and have been poking around and checked out a couple of videos showing what Astral can do. It looks cool (lighting, weather FX, etc), but my impression is unless I’m running DnD 5e or similar game then I’m limited as far as features (ex. character stats, skills, hit point tracking, etc … ie. no point in using it). Initially, the game I was going to run used “Dark Places and Demogorgons” ('80s horror campaign) but I didn’t see it. However I saw Gumshoe listed as a game system…but “there’s no template for that…” when testing character creation.

So for you guys who have been using it, has anyone run an “off brand” game system using Astral? Why are game systems lacking templates listed? I do want to use this, but…


To answer the title question: just about anything! Some systems might take a bit more work than others though (I still haven’t figured out a good way to do Genesys’ fancy dice system).

To give you some harder numbers, there are 62 different systems with official templates, which you can see from your vault under “My Characters”. There’s also a handful of ‘unofficial’ templates floating around and a few more that are awaiting approval from the publishers. Creating your own templates for games isn’t too hard once you get the hang of how the system works. I haven’t seen any for the two systems you mentioned, but for Dark Places you could probably get away with modifying the Old School Essentials Template that’s available.

As to why the game list far exceeds the available templates list, there’s two main reasons. Firstly, nearly all the official templates available were created by the community. Secondly, the game categorisation system is still useful even if there’s no official template for that system, as it makes organising any templates or characters you do create a bit simpler. You can also always select “Custom/Homebrew/Other” if you don’t find the particular game you want on the list.

Finally, here’s a few of the games I’ve prepped/run on Astral, most of which don’t have official templates: GURPS, Shadow of the Demon Lord, Prowlers and Paragons, Marvel Heroic Roleplaying, The Forest Hymn and Picnic (this one’s not even properly released yet!), and W.O.I.N Judge Dredd

Hi @Jericho2300

If you look at the free games available for you to play on your Astral homepage (right hand side) you will see that we have been working with publishers from a number of different systems to bring playable games to Astral.

Ah, gotcha. Thanks for the info - much appreciated! =)

I’m curious how you set up games on your own like Marvel Heroes and Prowlers & Paragon, etc. However, as I’m totally new at this, I figure I need to get much more familiar with Astral before attempting something like that myself. Are there any helpful resources you could point me to for further reading on that?


I found this page which may be helpful… https://help.astraltabletop.com/character/build/stats-actions/


Start by working through the two tutorial games. They will introduce you to all the basics of setting up and using character sheets.

I believe there are already a few video tutorials in Astral’s YouTube channel on character sheet creation that you can try out after the tutorials.

Will do. Thanks for your help! I’ve been going through the character sheet building info pages (Stats, Actions, etc). This looks really cool… :+1::grinning:

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