What happened to the "signal strength" icons next to the player's name?

Until a few weeks ago, there were some “signal strength” notifications next to the player’s names in the main window.
They were replaced with a green circle. I was expecting those circles to change color depending on the connection to Astral, you know, green for ok, yellow for not so good, and orange/red for a bad connection.

I can understand that for people in the US maybe the system is very stable, but for some of us outside of US, the connection is very wonky on certain days of the month and we used this to know who might be experiencing disconnects and also the ability to roll dice or even open character sheet. In this sense, we started the game seeing who could need some support from other players and we continued to monitor that icon throughout the game.

Not sure why it was removed, or why the new circles are only green, but this was a good tool for me and my groups.

That indicator was a temporary item while certain features were being debugged. I am not certain why they were removed, but they served their initial purpose.

I’d suggest posting a Feature Request if you’d like to see that come back again.

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// Closing - Referred OP to create a Feature Request