Webp/Webm in markeplace


Players and DMs can add webp and animated webm tokens, webp and webm assets, to their games.
But creators can not. Webp and Webm are not supported in merchant portal and can not be proposed to players.
These types permit better quality with lower size.

Astral, who is a modern tabletop should provide these in the Markeplace, and merchant should be able to provide the same quality than players.

Hi @Bouks

Astral does not support WebP images, only PNG. All images uploaded to Astral are converted to PNG.

As for WebM, I just tested and you can add WebM to your product when you create it. In fact, Astral converts all video and animated images (such as GIF) into WebM.

Unless you have any objections I am going to close this as resolved.

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“Astral does not support WebP images, only PNG. All images uploaded to Astral are converted to PNG.”

You’re wrong.
See the weight difference in my vault (same image, left PNG, right WEBP).


See the loaded webp image in the game

My apologies. But that does not change the fact that as a merchant you can upload WebM video. I’d have to double-check, but since you can use WebP images in-game, I am guessing that they can be uploaded as part of a product collection as well then.

Not at all… that’s the problem.

Just tested.


That is a WebP image from WebP Gallery | Google Developers

No problem uploading. The error is when you submit for reviewing.

Once you have clicked for reviewing, you have these errors everytime you go to the product.
The product is still “unsubmitted”. And you can’t remove/replace the images, nor change any text, nor delete the product. You can’t do nothing.

So the issue is that there is a bug in the system and not that the system doesn’t let you use WebM or WebP.

Please use the bug report tool and report the problem so that the devs can look into it.

Thanks @Bouks

// Closed - Not a Feature Request