Webcam source as map

I don’t know if this is realistic or not, but being able to input my webcam into astral and then have players use all the other astral tools over the top of it could be interesting if i had a physical board setup. I know astral gives a bunch of tools to work with maps, but this feature isn’t being done by any vtts and I think it would be used.

Welcome @azothdefirenze

I have a suspicion that it would be abused, however it is an interesting concept. Lets see what the Voters say.

I think it’s intriguing. Why a webcam and not just a photo of the battle mat or 3d crafted terrain? How would you use this, Azoth?

well i just think setting up quick encounters would be easier as a dm, and gives me the option of using both physical materials and tools from astral to do stuff. if players ask about certain things i can just point at it. I don’t know, maybe i’m over thinking about it, but to me i think it would help with clarity and speed of gameplay.