Warhammer 40 000: Wrath & Glory Template

Note: I consider this template to be feature-complete and ready for submission in its current state. Report errors or issues to me and I will try to address them. Special thanks are given to the vibrant Astral Discord community for their peerless assistance in the creation of this template.

This template is for Warhammer 40 000: Wrath & Glory (2020), published by Cubicle7 entertainment.

Link: https://app.astraltabletop.com/character/v2/1000148367/-MHbVznVWyw6R4kfq-Vq

The template uses one of the Cubicle 7 character sheets for Wrath & Glory. It includes the following features:

  1. Automatic calculation of most stats, with real-time updates in accordance to user input.
    1.1. Automatic calculation of attribute and skill totals, which can be updated in real time.
    1.2. Automatic calculation of other characteristics such as Conviction, Resolve, Determination, Passive Awareness and Resilience, which can be updated in real time.
    1.3. Users need only input their attribute and skill values, and the sheet will calculate the majority of totals and derived characteristics automatically. Users can update those values in real-time, and totals/derived characteristics will update in real time.

  2. One-click attribute and skill test rolls, with results reported in appropriate Wrath & Glory format.
    3.1. All attributes and skill tests feature a dice icon next to their name which can be clicked to instantly roll a test using the current total value of the skill/attribute. The roll will automatically include a Wrath Die and the standard dice. The dice do not feature standard D6 faces and instead feature Wrath & Glory faces, which are processed instantly. With a single click, tests can be rolled and the chat will display the number of icons and any special results on the Wrath die. Players can mouse over the result to see Exalted Icon results for Shifting.
    This one-click roll function is built into any part of the character sheet where a D6 icon is visible and clicking that icon instantly rolls the associated test. The rolls use the current total value of their associated stat and will automatically adjust themselves to changes in the stat. For example, if your Ballistic Skill is 5 and you click the attached D6, it will roll an appropriate test of 1 Wrath Die + 4 standard dice. If you change your Ballistic Skill to 6 and click the icon again, it will roll 1 Wrath Die + 5 standard dice automatically.

  3. Corruption checkboxes can be filled with a single click to track Corruption Point and Level gain.

  4. Where relevant, the template includes page references to the official rulebook. This serves as an easy reference to parts of the rulebook when players need it.

  5. Customisable dice faces are built into the template. The Wrath Die and Standard Die are linked to Stats in the template (wrath_die and standard_die, respectively). All rolls on the template reference these Stats, which means any player can easily modify the die faces included with the template once, and have it apply to all actions on the page.

  6. Built-in actions and shortcuts. The template features a readied set of standard actions that can be used in the action bar immediately. This includes a long list of Wrath Die + Standard Die combinations for rolling tests, adding bonus Wrath or Standard dice to tests, one-click rolls for every single attribute, skill and many other tests that exist on the character sheet.

  7. The sheet has been checked and re-checked for rules compliant. Details such as the rounding up of Passive Awareness and the fact that an attribute’s minimum is always 1 have been accounted for in relevant calculations. It has also accounted for a possible print error on the sheet which calculates Max Wounds incorrectly. The template uses the rulebook’s calculation of Max Wounds, which is listed in three separate locations (p. 37, 40 & 193).

Using the Template

  1. Import the template.
  2. Fill in basic character and player information at the top (names, backgrounds, species, etc.)
  3. Begin filling in stats (Tier, Rank, Attributes, Skills)
    3.1. As stats are filled in, the sheet will automatically update to reflect skill and attribute totals, and calculate characteristics like Passive Awareness, Resolve, Conviction, etc.
  4. Players must manually calculate, and input Wealth and Influence as they are gained and lost based on outside factors such as Ascension or GM discretion.
  5. Players must manually input Wargear, Abilities, Talents, Psychic Powers, Injuries and Mutations.
  6. Players can set up their Action Bar by entering Build Character mode and simply dragging any listed Action into the Action Bar visible at the bottom of the character sheet itself.
  7. Wherever a D6 symbol is visible, players can click it to instantly roll a test for the attached stat. The roll will always use the relevant attribute and/or skill totals where applicable. It will always process the roll using the custom dice built into the template. After a test is rolled, players must mouse over the results to determine whether any Shifts were obtained.
  8. During gameplay, characters must manually track Current Shock, Current Wounds, Armour, Stealth Score, Wrath, Glory, Faith and Exp. Earned. This is still a pittance compared to having to manually manage the entire sheet, of course.
  9. This template uses custom dice designed for fast interpretation. The standard faces of a D6 have been replaced with digits representing the number of Icons received in a roll. A ‘0’ face represents zero icons. A ‘1’ face represents 1 Icon. A ‘2’ face represents an Exalted Icon. The Wrath Die features a special ‘Complication’ and ‘Wrath Critical’ face, in addition to the ‘0’ and ‘1’ faces.
    9.1. Wrath Dice faces, in ascending order: Complication, 0, 0, 1, 1, Wrath Critical
    9.2. Standard Dice faces, in ascending order: 0, 0, 0, 1, 1, 2
    9.3. The die faces are customisable by anyone using the template by simply locating the wrath_die or standard_die Stats and modifying results to their desire. For example, players may simply replace the standard dice code ‘0,0,0,1,1,2’ with ‘1,2,3,4,5,6’ to revert to a classic D6. Modifications that involve changing the standard dice to display text may require modifying the rest of the code, due to issues involved in summing up text or iconographical results. Special credit is given to Blarghedy and LaMorte on Discord for their contribution in this area, and several others.


  1. As discussed in point 9.0-9.3. above, players can modify the dice used in this template at will. Care should be taken to conform with Astral’s in-house syntax here: https://help.astraltabletop.com/ when making such modifications.

  2. Players can reduce clutter on their sheet at any time by doubl-clicking on a UI element such as text or an icon, clicking Sheet Display and then Delete from Sheet. This removes the element from the sheet, but it will remain accessible on the template from the Stats or Actions list. This can be used to reduce clutter or modify the sheet.

  3. As an Astral sheet, it has all the features of Astral’s powerful character sheet software and can be modified or adjusted at will.

The main contribution this sheet makes to Astral is that it is to my knowledge, the first Wrath & Glory template. It is an interactive template that calculates the most tedious parts of the character creation process automatically. It also features one-click rolling of the majority of tests using appropriate Wrath & Glory dice. Lastly, it contains a range of useful references to the rulebook and is up to date as of September 2020.

Feedback and commentary is appreciated.

Hello, I know it’s been a little while but I’m interested in using your template here! But the link you put down seems to not work.

Hi @davechapol and welcome to the Forums.

The links here are for the staff and publishers to review. Until such time they are unavailable to the rest of us.

Here’s a pinned post explaining how Community Sheets work:

It’s a pity that the link doesn´t work yet, i guess i’ll have to do a template my own :sweat_smile:

Hi @ruben_rey95 and welcome to the forums.

The links posted here are just for the staff so that they can perform a review and pass the sheet on to the publisher to be reviewed.

If you would like to use the sheet, ask the OP to share the sheet with you so that you can work on it yourself.