Warhammer 2nd Edition Sheet in German


I built a pretty decent character sheet for 2e Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay in German.
Would it be possible to submit it for application or is there no interest in supporting non english content?

The sheet can be found here:

Should be a solid basis for any kind of character. Includes using checkboxes for advances and has already all the basic skills calculated automatically and ready for use as actions. Same with sample weapons.

Best regards,

I am sure that the staff will gladly review this as soon as they have the opportunity. The more languages that Astral supports the more users that Astral can reach!

Thank you for your submission.

I want to run a German Warhammer 4th Edition Campaign. Could you plz share your character sheet? I am still struggeling to build the actions… It seem that I don´t have permission to your shared file.

Unfortunately the link provided is directly to the creator’s account, and is only used by the staff to gain access to the sheet.

The sheet does not become publicly accessible until the publisher approves the sheet.