Walking to Pen Tool Wall Reveals Hidden Area


When I move a character into but not through ‘pen tool wall’, the area on the other side of the ‘pen tool wall’ is revealed in its fog of war state (i.e. can see the room but shadowed and with the characters currently occupying it).

How can I prevent this so that the room on the other side of the ‘pen tool wall’ stays completely black until the character actually moves into that room?

Thank you in advance for any help!

EDIT: I’ve discovered that disabling Fog of War solves this problem but I would prefer a solution that allows me to keep Fog of War. Any ideas?

Hi @Judge

The team are aware of this and are working on a solution. It does help if you use the Bug Report tool when you run into problems like this to keep the team on their toes.

This is hard to spot on the GM side honestly. I had a player point out a hidden room on accident and I was kinda like ‘huh’, but I guess that was actually a bug.

Hi @Judge,

I have, in some instances, used two DL (i.e. “pen tool”) walls set slightly back from each other. This way, if a player moves up close to the first well, they might see past it, but only up to the second wall. This works so long as the room graphic isn’t immediately obvious if you get past the first few pixels of the wall graphic.

Hope this helps as a work around until the devs come up with a solution!


I have had the same problem, some rooms fog of war will completely disapear seemingly at random when someone moves their character… even if they are nowhere near that room.

I will be reporting this bug as well