Visually Impaired-Friendly Character Sheets

I have a couple players who are blind or nearly blind and would appreciate visually-impaired options or at least the ability to upload my own options as a GM for them. Accessibility should be a key feature of the platform

Hi @Lazaria,

Do you have something specific in mind?
Feedback and comments from you and your players would be extremely useful.

I guess the following request could be a good start:

… if so, consider voting on that request.

Thanks @roflo1

Another thing to consider @Lazaria, is that double clicking on a sheet zooms way in. Also, you can create your own sheets at any time. You can replace the existing pages in a template, then just drag / drop the existing Stats and Actions to their new places on the sheets.

This is the sheet I’ve found works best for my visually impaired players.

Ik it’s large and involves much more scrolling, but my players have told me it’s easier to scroll and navigate through the clearly different colored boxes than to try to zoom in and out to be able to find the info they’re looking for.

Ty for the help. The issue with zooming is that some of my players aren’t familiar enough to know where they’d need to zoom to find the information they need. Even if they are familiar with the sheet, it can still be a struggle for them to differentiate information. Having something specifically designed for accessibility for disabled players would be helpful either way.

This is an interesting request. I realize this might come across… negatively, I guess, but this is actually something you can address yourself.

I would recommend trying the following: Create a new Pathfinder character. Open its sheet. Switch to build mode. Click on Pages at the top (screenshot below) and replace the existing pages with your custom ones. Then, add the remaining custom pages. Once you’ve done that, move the existing stats and actions onto the appropriate locations on their own pages. All the same stats and actions will work just fine, and you likely won’t need to create new ones. Once you do this, you’ll have a sheet that you can copy for each player.


Thank you. I’m already doing so, but thank you for your help. It really is much appreciated

Sure, absolutely. Feel free to ask if you have any questions, and you’ll get prompt answers if you ask in the discord (whereas I only remember to check the forum a couple times a week, for example)

Okay. I’ll keep that in mind next time I run into an issue. It would be nice to have a built in accessible sheet though.


Once you have created the sheet, we would LOVE to see you submit it for inclusion into Astral as an official sheet.

Okay. Thank you! I’ll be sure to.

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You’re right, and it’s a really good point. I don’t think I’ve seen it discussed elsewhere. Is this sheet something you’ve designed, or is it from the internet somewhere?

You’re always welcome to submit it as a sheet Astral will publish. Astral already has the ability to support multiple sheets per system - D&D 5e, for example, has the default sheet, some sort of “no sheet” sheet, and an NPC sheet.

The most important thing, if you do that, is that intellectual property is something they take into consideration. If the sheet is yours, they can use it, but they also have to get permission from Paizo to include it as an “official” option. If it isn’t yours, they’ll also need permission from whoever made it. I think. Definitely worth looking into once you’ve created the sheet.

I think this is for 5e.

Anyway, I also found this charsheet in DMsGuild that seems to be the one the OP is showing:

But yeah, @Lazaria … as @Blarghedy pointed out, this is something users can do. Astral is designed to be system neutral, and this incidentally means that you can customize a lot. And the character sheets are probably the best example.

And since 5E is already a system with a fully functional sheet, you should be able to replace the pages, move the stats and actions to the proper place, and adjust text size.

We should probably clarify: Sheets in Astral are community created. This is how it works:

I’m in the process of designing a custom sheet for my players, because this was something I found online as a stand in and jumping off point for what works with the players in question. I’ll be sure to update with my original content when it’s done to avoid any copyright infringements on your end. Thanks.


While you can use a third party sheet (for your own use), in order to be able to offer it to everyone, copyright and intellectual property stuff would have to be resolved.

But if you do create your own sheet and are willing to share it with the community, we’d be halfway there.