Vieja Escuela Cyberpunk - Spanish Template

Greetings everyone, i’ve made my first template for a game that it’s pretty known in the spanish TTRPG community.

What is Vieja Escuela Cyberpunk?

It’s an open source / Free game that uses OSR rules but oriented to a simple formula so everyone can play without issues. It has been a reference for new players the last couple years and they made manuals oriented to every genre, with custom rules for each, like this one!

How can i contact them?

You can contact with them from Grapas&Mapas Official Webpage

But it’s all in spanish!!

One of the best things about this project is that they are translating all their core books to english, even they have translations for other spanish minor languages like euskera.
Vieja Escuela Pulp - English Core Book
Vieja Escuela - English Core Book
for examples. Sadly, Cyberpunk isn’t translated to english yet due to this being just a hobby project. But thanks to being Open Source everyone can translate it if someone wants to put that effort

##Vieja Escuela Cyberpunk Template
Template Link


  • Documentation Page (in spanish) in player notes
  • Automatic Buttons for most common attacks
  • Colored fields for easy modification without breaking everything
  • Easy layout for easy template making (for other Vieja Escuela genres or translations)

Hola Zerel, muchas gracias por tu aporte, estoy muy emocionada de empezar a jugar Vieja Escuela Cyberpunk.

Pero cuando intento utilizar la plantilla me aparece un mensaje de You shall not pass!

Soy nueva, estuve investigando un poquito y me encontré con este post:

How Community Templates work (You shall not pass?)

Y quería saber si me podrías ayudar para probar la plantilla.

Muchas gracias!