Vertical Movement

I may be wrong but currently there is no way to track vertical movement other than making notes next to characters in the map. It would be extremely helpful to be able to know where in the 3rd dimension my characters who just gained access to spells like Fly are


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I have no idea if any game system, even Starfinder’s ship combat, track 3 dimensional space.

You might want to consider making a note in the Name or Nickname fields to track that if you find that it is important.

I track vertical movement in Roll20 by assigning the Feather status icon to the token, and then typing a digit that overlays the icon.

The closest I can think of here would be to type the height into the character’s nickname (Thanks, LaMorte for this tip earlier), or, if height is often a factor, use the HP bar for it. (My games don’t use HP much, so that’s an option I’m considering.)

@LaMorte I think in most game systems it’s present but causes things to complicate, but 5e has a lot of flying speeds, flying abilities and many other vertical components. The solution in tabletop is to stack the miniatures on dice to represent how many units up they are but that’s not really an option here.

I’m requesting a way to track this instead of just making notes in already placed fields

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I clicked Vote on this above, you should also.

Out of curiosity, would additional status icons take care of this? Something like ⇧ would mean one level above, something like ⇮ would mean two vertical units above. Could this work for you? If not, what else could we do to accommodate this use case?

Ideally, marking their height in a designated position would be great. Beyond that, having this value float next to the icon would be extremely helpful.

The status icons may get messy with how far up things can get, I played in a 5e game where we had to deal with a dragon flying hundreds of feet above us

At a minimum, a status marker showing “flying” or “climbing”. The closest icon for that now might be the bird cage icon.

Better would be a wing icon with two digits to represent range in inches, and let players convert inches to their scale if they want. (In GURPS 1" = 1m, in D&D 1" = 5’, in Savage Worlds, 1" = 3’, etc.)

Even Better: The two digits would be drawn from a character field, like the HP field, or an Attribute.

Even More Better: The character token is about 10% smaller when flying, offset, and has a shadow showing it’s actual location. A vertical bar overlapping the icon scales to indicate height in inches.