Vertical maps?

I’m hoping for some advice on a map I’d like to implement for an upcoming game.
My players will be traversing a maze of twisty-turny tunnels (all alike) - kind of like a natural cave formation or an ant nest where there aren’t distinct floors and the paths lead in all directions. The space is cylindrical, so a path can wrap around from one side of a 2D map to the other.

If I were doing this in person, I would just tape both ends of my map together and plonk the cylinder on the table. I can just use the vertical map projection flat, but I figured I’d ask if there is a way to better way to make use of astral’s features to show this kind of 3D space?

Astral does not have support for anything like that, although there is a Feature Request for Triggers that will teleport characters to another part of the map when stepped on. That would allow you to emulate a cylindrical path such as you describe.