Using triggers for dynamic lighting?


I have a map with two layers, one of which is “innocent” (the sensitive parts are hidden in the map itself) and doesn’t need dynamic lighting, and another one that I’ll use when/if my players go investigate the dangerous area. This one will need dynamic lighting.

I’ve set up triggers to toggle both layers to make it easier for me, but I can’t find a way to affect the dynamic lighting layer. Is it possible to disable it with a trigger?

Thank you in advance!

Hello @Ondo and welcome to the Forums.

You cannot target Dynamic Lighting with triggers because it is always above the map layers. You will need to use the Dynamic Lighting menu to switch it on and off as you need.

As a reminder, the shortcut key for the Dynamic Lighting menu is L.

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Got it, thank you! We’re still not sure if we’ll switch to Astral (one of my players has a potato laptop that freezes when using it) but I’m loving it. And the shortcuts are so useful too!

I test my games on an ancient i3 laptop with integrated graphics. If the GM follows the performance guidelines in the help docs there shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve even tested one of my biggest maps on my cellphone recently with fair results.

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The map we tried was the default “papers on a table” image you get when you first create a campaign. No dynamic lighting, just that image. But we’re trying to find a solution for him (he’s not very tech-savvy, but we suspect there’s something wrong with his computer).

If the landing page is causing him problems then there is definitely a problem with their computer. Not much we can do to help then.

Of course! It wasn’t a criticism, just an offhand comment. Astral is a great piece of software!

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That Landing page image and map is pretty large by default. But that doesn’t really change anything in this conversation. I know some users have issues loading really high resolution images.

At any rate, the question was if you can use triggers to affect DL, and that has been answered so I’m going to close this particular conversation now.

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