Using the Dice - returning two values

Tunnels and Trolls, since the 7th edition has used a die mechanic that returns both a total and the number of times a specific die result occured - for example

rolls 4,3,6,3,1,5
result is 22 (1) ie, all dice combined = 22, but one 6 was rolled.
The β€œ6” also known as spite in the game has special rules.
How would I get this sort of roll using Astral?

You would need to mouse over the roll to see the values.

To specifically indicate that a 6 was rolled, try !(6d6cr=6)

If a 6 is rolled, the result will be shown in a green box.

Hi LaMorte, Thanks for the response, but as this result would be used in other calculations for damage, armour etc, having the manual check and then have the user enter it separately, sort of removes the main benefit of a vtt.
I have done this in Lua in Fantasy Grounds as well as in JavaScript in Foundry. I was hoping to use Astral, maybe later with the release of new versions.

There is a Feature Request for two features that could implement something like that.

Arrays of die rolls, and assigning values to stats from inside of Actions. The devs and a few Archmagi have been discussing possible ways of implementing at least one of these features. We’re just hoping for the other.

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If you have further ideas for the implementation of this, @DaltonCalford you could, and are encouraged to, vote or comment on any relevant Feature Request or, failing to find one that fits your needs, create a new Feature Request.

// Closing as requires implementation of Feature Requests