Using dice rolls in actions as a variable

Is there a way to do something along the lines of

!(1d20) >= 19 ? roll crit damage : roll damage

I can not seem to get something like that to work, it either is completely wrong or when it seems right does not print anything.

as far as I know, we don’t have a way to do crit ranges yet, but I’m following this just in case

In order for this to work, we’d need some way to store variables. It’d be pretty easy to determine if an attack is a critical in the damage section, but that d20 would be different from the d20 rolled to make an attack.

If there’s a way to set stats through actions, you could set a hidden stat (on that’s not displayed on the sheet), then you could do this by setting the variable of that stat in the attack roll, then referencing it in the damage roll.

Hi @PretendCoding

Keep an eye open on the Announcements. The new advanced roll system may just be the answer we’ve been waiting for.