Using Character Token for Spell Area Effects

Character Tokens can be handily used for are effect spells such as stinking cloud or darkness.

  1. Create a new character
  2. Name Character for spell effect
  3. Set HPs to the number of rounds for the effect
  4. Set custom token size to match spell effect size
  5. Place token
  6. Countdown HP 1 a round until effect is gone

Here is an example with stinking cloud

One tip…with snap to grid on, if you are having trouble placing the center of the token exactly where you want, it could be due to how Astral places the center of large tokens. If the heigh and width are odd number it will place the center of the token in a gridsquare…if it is an even number it will place it ono a grid line crossing. You can cheat the system by changing size, placing the token, then changing the size back…the token where stay centered where it was…for example…this even sized token (6x6) can only be placed centered on a line crossing (not the barbarian token):

If I change the size to an odd size (5x5) I can now place it centered on the barbarian token:

Turning off snap to grid will allow placement anywhere. You can then turn snap to grid back on.

Note that if you touch the token with your mouse after snap to grid is back on, it will jump back to the off alignment…so try and move things via keyboard around it if possible once you do this…it’s not perfect but it’s a hack that can work for now.