Using a single Character Sheet to field multiple instances of tokens

I think the idea of multiple tokens being tied to a character sheet without health would make things a lot easier for creating monsters and minions throughout maps. The current way is too cluttered and slow.

Also useful for wildshape, raging, and other character/monster transformations.


I don’t think that is what the OP meant @Osceric

@Apoc9512 would like to be able to drop movable tokens onto a map that aren’t independent from a single character sheet so that your Character menu doesn’t fill up with sheets.

There is a Feature Request for the idea you proposed, and your argument is exactly the intent of that Feature Request.

I really hope they’ll put this in. This would make my life 1000 times easier with what I usually do.

Well yes this is exactly what I meant, this can also be a side effect that’d help many other users with what he wants.

Hi @Apoc9512, thanks for this request!

As this title is incredibly close to another feature request here (Multiple tokens on a single character sheet) I’m going to rename this to something a little more definitive.

I’m hoping this more accurately describes what you’re proposing. Don’t hesitate to @ me if I’m too far off, my goal is to accurately describe your request while distinguishing it from other, similar requests.

Anything and I mean ANYTHING AT ALL that helps the DM reduce the insane clutter that occurs from making a small dungeon due to a jillion character sheets is appreciated. We really need more streamlining on these kinds of issues.