User input on dice roll/action

Would be nice to have a variable you could set in dice rolling formulas that pops up for player entry when the action is clicked. Games like SOTDL and Warhammer 4e would have a need. In those games various conditions add boon/bane or advantage bonuses at DM direction on potentially each roll.

For example warhammer may be a d100 compared against trait or skill, but each roll the DM would adding a +10 or +20.

SOTDL would add boons to the roll based on situation. For each boon you roll an additional d6 and add the highest d6 to the d20 roll. Example | Enter Boon | !(1d20 + ({UsrInput}d6kh1)) |

When clicked it would pop up asking to enter boon. The user puts in 3 and the roll is 1d20+3d6kh1

This is already a feature request. Please add your comments and input (heh heh) to the following post to help gain traction.

Got it, seems no matter how much I search these I always miss it. The requested feature in that thread isn’t exactly what I was talking about, but I can see it falling in the same lines, so I’ll add my comment to it to explain the user pop for input be added as well.


Think this is the one you were meaning to reference

Thanks for the fix. (Extra characters to make up the minimum length)