Uploading some assets won't work or takes forever


Hello! I’m new to Astral and I’m loving it, but whenever I try to import images into the app the uploading takes a long time and often seems to just fail. It seems to happen more with files around the 5mb size or bigger. In addition if I ever try to drag and drop several files at once it sits on the loading screen for what seems eternity. The longest I’ve let it sit was 10-15 minutes then I finally gave up and hit the refresh button. Nothing had uploaded. Do I need to wait longer or is there some limit I am not aware of? Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

EDIT: Also I am using Google Chrome, if there is a better browser for this please let me know


The problem might be your file type. I converted everything into jpgs from pngs and that fixed my issues.


Hey @Silverfate,

Thanks for reaching out! Firstly, my sincere apologies that this had gone unnoticed for so long! This will change moving forward. The Astral Team is most active in Discord, and any requests or reports sent in via the bugs/feedback submission forms on our site generally receive a response within 24 hours. That being said, threads on our forums shouldn’t go unnoticed for months at a time.

We have identified an issue where, if uploads are unsuccessful, the upload simply hangs with no error message. This can be very confusing for someone trying to upload large amounts of assets… Should I wait? Is it just a big file? Did Skynet take over?

Anyway, long story short, we are improving the process as well as what you will see during uploads, such as error messages and a progress bar. As for your problem, it could be that there is a file too large, or that there is a file which is the wrong format. Make sure your files aren’t larger than 25mb, and make sure you don’t have a random text file in there somewhere.

If you have any other questions, let me know! We’re here to help!