Uploading Maps

How do I upload a my own map?

There are 2 ways to create your own maps. The first is in your Vault (The top left icon on the bar after logging in to Astral), and the second is in a game session. For this discussion I’ll walk you through the first option.


On the right side of the screen click on New Map


The next page is a dialog where you can name your map and select the type of grid you want to use, Square Grid, Flat Hex Grid or Pointy Hex Grid. After entering a name and selecting a grid type, click on Create New Map.

Now, on the right hand side of the screen you need to either select an existing asset for use as your map or upload a new map.

To upload a new map, click on Upload Assets, which brings up the following dialog.


Drag and drop your map image from your file browser onto the dashed rectangle to upload your image.

Once the image has uploaded, you can drag the new asset onto the map grid to add it as a map layer.


Now you go about the process of aligning your map image to the grid.

To save your new map, click the Disk icon on the top left of the left bar.