Uploading Character Sheets

I’ve been the DM for my current campaign for almost 6 months now, and I’m moving away. I wanted to continue playing with my current group, and Astral seems like our best bet, but I cant seem to find a way to upload our pre-existing character sheets, other than just manually re-making them. Is there an easier way that I’m just not seeing?


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Hi @Olivia, welcome to Astral.

At the moment, Astral doesn’t support importing sheets. The devs are currently focusing on stability and performance due to the massive amount of new users in these times.

Still, they’re constantly trying to add new features, and they try to prioritize the ones with most votes in the Feature Wishlist And Ideas! category.

I’d recommend checking that out and vote for the ones that you feel are more important for you.

I’ll throw in some current charsheet-related examples:


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Thank you so much! I’ll definitely look into the wishlist and vote!

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