Upload character sheet templates in YAML

My Coming Soon™ Savage Worlds character sheet has 5 attributes, 30 skill levels stored as attributes, and about 50 skill rolls stored as Actions. It’s a lot of “click to open category”, “click to edit ability”, “click to select old text”, “paste in new code”, etc.

It would be terrific to be able to update the data in YAML and set the category, icon, color, title, and code for an Ability, and set the name and default value (if any) for Attributes.

  • I could store it in version control
  • I could add comments to help the next person (JSON doesn’t support comments)
  • I could use a text editor with find and replace and other features

As character sheets become more sophisticated, this will be even more useful.

A {Comment: ‘Comment line’} attribute could quite easily be added anywhere that comments are required or deemed necessary, and the importer could just ignore the comments when processing the document.

I would take pretty much ANY markup import/export. Admittedly I’m a massive Excel wonk with VBA skills, but being able to bulk-edit externally or build “templates” for players to fill would be HUUUUGE!

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Thanks @FranStewart ! The formula for one of the skill rolls in Savage Worlds looks like this:

Wound {-mWounds}, Fatigue {-mFatigue}, Encumbrance {mEncumbrance== 0 ? 0 : 2}, Other {-mOther}
d{sThievery==0 ? 4 : sThievery}+{sThievery==0 ? -2 : sThieveryBonus} is 
*!( 1d{sThievery==0 ? 4 : sThievery}e{sThievery==0 ? 4 : sThievery} 
+{sThievery==0 ? -2 : sThieveryBonus} -{mWounds>=3 ? 3 : mWounds} 
-{mFatigue>=2 ? 2 : mFatigue} -{mEncumbrance== 0 ? 0 : 2} 
-{mOther} )*, Wild is **!( 1d{Wild}e{Wild} -{mWounds>=3 ? 3 : mWounds} 
-{mFatigue>=2 ? 2 : mFatigue} -{mEncumbrance== 0 ? 0 : 2} -{mOther})**

I use a script to generate about 35 variations of this, but then I have to copy/paste them by hand into all the Actions. If I want to make a change, it would be nice to just re-upload a file.