Upload Audiofile


I’ve got a problem with uploading a audio file to my game.

I tried to upload a mp3-file. 10 minutes long, 12.3 MB big. Everytime I upload that file (and similar ones, I tried different files as well), there is an error and the programm does not upload the file. (“Oxentest.mp3 failed to upload due to an error. Please try again later.”). To try it later didn’t work the last days.
From at least 6 files, only one file works right now. This file is 3.6MB big and 4 minutes long. Has it something to do with that?
Iam sure Iam just silly. But if you could help me that would be great.
Thanks a lot!


There are some known issues with uploading files. Might I suggest that you try converting the mp3 files into ogg format?

The staff are investigating the problems with uploading assets and audio.

yeah this happen also for compendium files

Hey, thanks for the answers! I converted one file to *.ogg. It resulted in the same error. :confused:

Hi all! We’re investigating issues with specific uploads. It seems to mostly affect Audio files. I’ll also investigate compendium uploads failing. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

Don’t forget to submit a bug report if you haven’t done so already so the team can collect metadata that might help them track down the bugs.