Updated SotDL template + Monster template

What is the game system your template is for?:
Shadow of the Demon Lord

Brief summary of your character template:
New template includes checkboxes to add boons/banes to all rolls, and outputs the number of boons/banes on a roll in chat. Also has drag-and-drop actions for all basic melee and ranged weapons

Monster template has a more condensed view for stats, following the style of the rulebooks

Link to character template:
Character template:

Monster template:

Is there any additional information needed to run this character in a campaign?:
Military/Swift/Heavy weapons are not included, but you can copy one of the existing actions as a base

Updated the sheet to fix a few minor things caught here as well as some other QoL improvements


  • Removed duplicate stats
  • Added an example spell action and a textbox for spell castings
  • Added “extra boons/banes” delayed rolls to all actions, to account for situations with large amounts of boons/banes, and because some of my players prefer doing it that way to the checboxes on the sheet

Sheet link:

Another wee update to make use of the new resource bars. Added one for Insanity (yellow) and Corruption (dark red), plus made use of the calculation feature for Health and Damage

Is there any ETA on when this is going to roll out to live? This is a pretty big error, especially when you have a lot of monsters/NPCs, correcting them by hand is a nightmare.

Hi @jbaughman,

Unfortunately, it’s hard for the Astral team to provide an ETA since they need the publishers approval. Here’s a post describing how community sheets work: