Turning off the Dark Mode website?


It’s really difficult at times to see the grayscale stuff when working on it in the middle of the day. Is there an alternate theme available for the website while I work on my game?


Hi @KJRHanson,

Thanks for reaching out! Firstly, my sincere apologies that this had gone unnoticed for so long! This will change moving forward. The Astral Team is most active in Discord, and any requests or reports sent in via the bugs/feedback submission forms on our site generally receive a response within 24 hours. That being said, threads on our forums shouldn’t go unnoticed for months at a time.

To answer your quesiton, I could see how this could cause issues! We log all feature requests and feedback using our feedback submission button found on the site (The little smiley face icon). This sounds like a great idea, we’ll include it in our consideration for feature requests and improvements!