Trying to hide options

Mythica/ Mythic Britain has a strange system for combat. A FIGHTING STYLE has three weapons available and attacks/parries/blocks are all rolled on the Fighting Style skill. What I’m trying to do is set up a system where the weapon choice is selected via checkbox, and I have succeeded in that respect, but when it comes to the dice roll, it still spits out the other two weapons of the fighting Style:

|Hit Score:|!(1d100)|

|Damage: |!({Weapon_Type_1 ? (Weapon_Damage_1) :0}+{Damage_Modifier})

or !({Weapon_Type_2 ? (Weapon_Damage_2) :0}+{Damage_Modifier})

or !({Weapon_Type_3 ? (Weapon_Damage_3) :0}+{Damage_Modifier})|

Produces this:

What I want it to do is only display the result for the active weapon(s).


Try this:
!({Weapon_Type_1 ? Weapon_Damage_1 : Weapon_Type_2 ? Weapon_Damage_2 : Weapon_Type_3 ? Weapon_Damage_3) :0}+{Damage_Modifier})

Should work, but it produces nothing?

Yeah. Unfortunately actually embedding die rolls inside of Stats is not officially supported.

The method that I use for my character sheets is:

!({Weapon_Type_1 ? Weapon_Damage_Dice_1 : Weapon_Type_2 ? Weapon_Damage_Dice_2 : Weapon_Type_3 ? Weapon_Damage_Dice_3) :0}d{Weapon_Type_1 ? Weapon_Damage_Size_1 : Weapon_Type_2 ? Weapon_Damage_Size_2 : Weapon_Type_3 ? Weapon_Damage_Size_3 ) :0} +{Damage_Modifier})

Where Weapon_Damage_Size_1 is the number of sides of the die and Weapon_Damage_Dice_1 is the number of die.

This does run, which I came up with between your posts:

Target Score: Below {Combat_Style_1}
Score Rolled: !(1d100)
{Weapon_Name_1} !({Weapon_Type_1 ? (Weapon_Damage_1) :0})
{Weapon_Name_2} !({Weapon_Type_2 ? (Weapon_Damage_2) :0})
{Weapon_Name_3} !({Weapon_Type_3 ? (Weapon_Damage_3) :0})
Damage Modifier !({Damage_Modifier})
If your Weapon is one size smaller than the Defenders and they parry successfully, half the Damage. Two sizes Smaller, Don’t even bother!
Hit Location: !(1d20)
Critical Hit Less than: {Combat_Style_1/10}
Fumble: 99 or 100

Resulting with:

“Saxon Noble” is the fighting style. Seax, Naegling (A Named Sword) and Saxon Round Shield are weapon types 1, 2 and 3. Seax and Shield have been checked. Naegling is returning zero as it should in this case (It’s vexing that it appears at all). Other fighting styles just on ONE pre-existing character sheet are Fyrdman and Shield Wall and there is crossover of weapon types. To make it work, the player not only would have to enter the required data in the weapons section, but would also have to edit the dice roll action. Tables containing pre-existing data would be really useful at this point, where you could just bung the weapons in any old weapon slot without worrying if the “wires” will connect.

Not very Player Friendly as is.