Triggers for audio events

Tutorial for setting up a trigger to action and audio event(s). used for the following…

  1. opening/closing a door
  2. pressure plate that triggers a trap
  3. false door triggers a dropping steel gate/portcullis
  4. A pit trap stepped on by player
  5. GM toggles an audio file, such as finding a secret door/hidden item
    lots of uses…
  1. Unfortunately doors are on the Dynamic Lighting layer and cannot be affected by Triggers, and cannot affect triggers. There is a Feature Request for expanding the function of DL doors though.

  2. Look at the Advanced Tutorial game from your Astral Homepage. There is a Feature Request for triggering a Trigger when a character steps on it which hasn’t been introduced yet though.

  3. You can use the same trick from the Advanced Tutorial.

  4. Refer to 2.

  5. There is a bug with manually triggering on map audio if the audio is not set to loop.

Because of these things mentioned, except for that covered by the Advanced Tutorial, we cannot create tutorials for these items at present.

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