Trigger that deactivates light source

Hello there,

Thank you great people from the Astral Developer Team. I came across a situation where I wish to deactivate a light source. In a nutshell, I would like to make an effect where all the light sources in a map come from a specific light source. This is easy. Now my next step is to make the light source disappear at some point during my game. I can use a trigger to hide the layer (object) that emits light, but this does not deactivate the light-emitting behavior. Basically, what happens is that the object itself disappears, but the light emission stays behind. Is there another way that I am missing? Would you consider including such a functionality in the future?


Hi @axistos and welcome to the forums.

This post is a duplicate of this one: Allow Triggers to Affect Dynamic Lighting Settings

Please vote and / or comment on that Feature Request if you would like to see this become a reality once Astral returns to active development.

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