Torches and to set up?


I have a couple questions about dynamic lighting. I found a lit torch icon in the symbols, but how do I make it generate light? Also, how does one stop light from passing through a doorway without blocking the doorway and preventing player passage?

Also, thanks to @James from Astral for pointing out selecting a player and hitting ‘D’ would show you their view. That was one of my questions answered.


Welome @FLBurns!

There’s a couple ways you can do doors. The most popular as of right now is to create your dynamic lighting points on the walls, leaving a gap for your door. Then, to place the door, place down 3 points, one on either side of the door and one in the center. When the players open the door during your game, go into the In-Game map editor real quick and delete the middle point, this will take away the barrier for the door allowing your players to pass through.

Currently we are working on enhancing Dynamic Lighting to include automated ‘doors’ that can be clicked and will take care of this without any micromanaging required, so expect to see this improvement soon.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with!


Thanks, I never thought about deleting a node like that to make an opening. I will try that on my test map and see how well it works. What about the first question, how to put a light (torch) on the map to light an area?


Currently our lighting system needs a little TLC. We have the option available, but it currently is just for cosmetic pleasure, and doesn’t cut through the ‘darkness’ view obscurity that players see. That’s an improvement for the near future though!

To set up a torch or light, create a character, go to the character sheet and click “Attributes and Macros”. Click “Emits Light”, then if you want to make it so the token isn’t in the players view but still emits light, make the visibility GM only. This will cast a radius of light on the map, but not display the token. Then, just put the token on top of your asset that you desire to be a light source.

To test what it looks like from a player’s perspective, click your player’s token that you wish to view as, then with their token selected, press the ‘D’ key. This will view as a specific player.

Hope this helps!


Thanks. That sort of works, but found that it does not light an area up until your torchlight meets up with the wall torch light radius…that is, torch at the end of a long corridor in line of sight does not appear till you walk up to it, then as your light and that one overlap, it becomes visible.

I will just keep working with a player-only light until you update. So far, I like Astral. Both my issues with it are Lighting-based (The placed lights and I’d like a way for once an area has been visited it stays greyed out, rather than going black). I look forward to future updates!