Took my first hot lap last night, recommendations PLZ

Took my first hot lap last night. Purformed as promised.

I understand this is TL, so I understand if you DR! :grinning:

The Setup
We are all local. I setup two accounts, one for the GM, one for all the players. I gave the player’s account control of all the PC tokens. For the game, GM’s account is on a Macbook, player’s account is on a touchscreen PC [W10]. Both the Mac and PC are good but not great. All player had access to the PC, for moving tokens. Both appliances are wireless to my router then wired to a cable modem, backed by 100M [at least that is what I pay for]. Full FOW, medium size map, the beginning room was known to the PC. Five players, one has played a remote VTT game [Roll20] for 7+ year, one is anti-TECH, one is ready to move forward one is neutral, one is MEH.

The Plan
We are using Astral as just a digital battle map right now. I would like to get all the players on their own accounts and devices for the map. Then get the players that want to character sheets on their devices. The majority are refusing to give up rolling hard dice. We also have a player lost in the hinterlands we would like to bring in remotely, eventually.

The Session
The touchscreen PC is not going to work. We had it laying on it’s back and NAH! Player could not see it well and moving tokens was a challenge. If everyone has their own account/device, I think we will be there, on that.

FOW sound/looks/feels/IS sooo coooolll. All the players [even Mr. Anti] liked it and immediately saw
[:wink:] it’s potential. It really slowed thing down. Players be players. They did calm down a little, late in the session. I purposely kept the monster pop way down. We took all the PC tokens but one off the map and just move that one token until we needed to add one or more back to the map. That made it go a little faster/better. We did have one token stuck in the wall event, delete, add back, move on.

Any time I needed to edit the map the lag on the Mac went though the roof. I did find out later that another PC was also still logged in to the GM account while we were across the room playing. That may have added to what I was seeing.

The Rap
As I said performed as advertised. I like everything I have seen. The players were, on average, not as thrilled as I had hoped. Trying to use the touchscreen brought multiple challenges. I really like that when I [on the GM map select a PC token, the FOW snaps on.

Wandering Thoughts
Are we exceeding the mandate of the software by trying to use a touchscreen? I am thinking of the players using a tablet to view/use the map. Is the standard a keyboard/mouse combo?
Need some recommendation for using the FOW better.
I would like to be able on the GM map] drag tokens around the without having to follow the wall lines I drew. If this already possible I missed it.

OK that enough for now
Excellent product

Hi @SgtMac,

Thanks for this thorough review and recount of your session!

It seems like we fell short a couple times throughout your session. I’ve shared this feedback with the team, though any time you’re having troubles, don’t hesitate to mash that bug report button so we can keep track of issues like that.

Regarding lag spikes, this would be helpful to have a bug report on. We collect metadata when someone submits a bug report, and that could help me identify the cause. We respond to and investigate all tickets, so I’ll work with you to find the source of the problem. When this type of thing happens, go ahead and submit a ticket from the device you are having the spike on.

Some things to check, are you running Safari on the Mac? Currently our most supported browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Opera GX and Brave, so operating out of one of those browsers is the safest bet.

Regarding touch screens, we’ve been making an effort to increase our compatibility with touch screens. Track pads work very well, though we haven’t received enough feedback from touch screen devices to know all the issues present. Another place where I’d encourage a bug report.

I can share some learnings I’ve had when working with the community. Touch controls, such as a trackpad, don’t necessarily have the same gesture controls you might expect. For instance, pinching to zoom is not how you zoom in Astral. Most all browsers are wired to respond to pinch-zoom controls by zooming in the browser rather than interact with an application. When you pinch-zoom, you’re actually zooming your browser in it’s entirety, which will make UI elements disappear or become very small in the application, giving you the impression that some serious bug is removing your UI elements.

In Astral, the proper way to zoom is to use a two-finger swipe up or down, rather than pinching. There’s likely other caveats we haven’t found yet, so if you find any issues with your setup, please let us know! Any and all feedback into how well this works or doesn’t work is most welcome.

Honestly, this setup has been something we’ve all talked about. Having everyone in the same room, using Astral as a literal table that enhances the game. I’m very excited to see this use-case!

I hope some of this helps, and excited to hear more from you and your party. Glad to have you with us :crossed_swords: