Tokens/Items and Inventory

Is it possible to make items? I would like to make tokens and elements that I can move around and change or otherwise manipulate on the get-go that aren’t necessarily characters. It would be even better if these items could go into player inventory, and/or be interacted with.

For example, picking up a loaf of bread item and putting it into your inventory. The player then opens their inventory and sees they can perform the assigned action- eat it - and regain health.

There’s been requests to allow an exportable library of Actions to be used as Handouts. This would provide the ability to create a list of actions that can be brought into a character sheet and placed in “inventory”, and when clicking on this item, it would prompt an appropriate description/attack in Chat. I think they also specifically requested that it could also be used without being linked to a sheet.

This would be sharable, and ideally it would be something that you could import to the game as-needed, so it would be cross-game compatible.

Is that what you are looking for? If it is, let me know so I can close this as duplicate. If not, please let me know how this differs from the above feature request.

Thanks much! Looking forward to improving for you :slight_smile:

I am more interested in putting tokens on the map that aren’t specifically characters and can be moved by select people.

The handouts idea is really good idea for inventory management though :slight_smile: I’ll probably use that for items. On that note, is it possible to also allow a png/jpg as a handout?

Thank you very much for being so helpful!

Handouts currently need to be a PDF, but there’s a request here for non-PDF handouts: Non-pdf handouts

Hope this helps!

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