Token stuck inside wall - wrong side of FOW line?

Hey All,
Just getting started close to ‘mostly’ understanding. Logged into my game with my player account I was trying to understand how/if token can stand on partial hexes, where the FOW line cut though the middle of the hex. And the token moved into the wall. The token can now see the inside on the wall but the hall where he was just sanding. Reminds me of playing Tanks on Atari!

I did draw two line for the FOW. It is a very thick wall, could that be it?

OK. Deleted the whole thing and redid it, used squares instead of hexes. There are now on partial hexes.

Could that be it?

There is a known issue where tokens get stuck against DL walls. Unfortunately the bug is hiding.

The next time you experience the issue, please use the Bug Report tool so that the Devs can get some metadata on the bug.


Is it with square and hexes? I have been working with squares for the last hour and it hasn’t happened again yet.

I will hit the bug button next time, I figured it was just me?!?

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I’m closing this as a Bug Report

// Closed - Bug Report