Timer (maybe an hourglass), clock or something similiar

An in-game method to track time (automatic and manual) would be very apriciated (maybe even dates). Also a timer can be very useful, e.g. I allow 1 minute for stratagizing between rounds and only 5-10 secs for each character to act, so an in-game option would be useful.

The problem with tracking dates is that every game system uses different calendars, making it almost impossible to implement, but I do like the idea of an in-game clock / timer.

Having a timer in game could indeed be nice. However, it would have an interesting impact only if clearly visible to all player, either on the map or pinned in the tchat. If not, well, I can already say to my players that I give them 5 minutes to do something. Seing something “physical” and concrete would certainly make it more effective.

would like to second this… there are a couple reasons for having the option of an ingame timer that tracks in real time, but yes, it would need to be visible to all players:
1: a timer for combat to help keep rounds from dragging on to long
2: a timer for the party to “plan” an upcoming battle, or talking like a timeout
3: puzzles, traps or events that are best used when in conjunction with a “ticking timer” (ie: “you have 30 minutes before this room fills with water, to open the door and escape”)

It’s defenitely not something that everyone would use, but for those who do, having an ingame option would make it extremely useful, as the only other option I can think of is using an animation, or hosting it elsewhere in a place that the party can see, like a streaming video.