This works. Well, kind of

A checkbox to apply a modifier called “Tired” to the Movement rate:

6+ floor({Athletics}/25)+(Tired ? { Movement_Rate_Tired + Tired } : {Movement_Rate_Tired})

The only problem is, it applies the modifier when it’s toggled off. What Am I doing wrong? I’m running out of paracetomol.

I would like to see what Movement_Rate_Tired is in this context. Also, what is your base movement rate?

Base Movement is 6. The Athletics modifier increases for every 25% in that skill. Movement_Rate_Tired is a hidden stat. I tired just putting in -1 but it didn’t seem to work.

This has no effect:

6+ floor({Athletics}/25)+(Tired ? { -1 } : {-1})

Is Movement_Rate_Tired always meant to be -1?

Yes. There will be other toggles for different states. Eg: Movement_Rate_Wearied -2

Then your Value for Movement_Rate_Tired should be:

Tired ? -1 : 0

And the Value for your Movement_Rate should be:

6 + floor(Athletics / 25) + Movement_Rate_Tired

Hope this helps.

Thank you. I can put the pills away now. :slight_smile:

Me again. I spoke too soon. While the code as shown above does work, this doesn’t:

6 + floor(Athletics / 25) +








Also, can two or more different stats be controlled by the same check box?

What are the Values for the other stats?

And yes, you can reuse the checkbox state anywhere.

Tired is -1, Wearied and exhausted -2, Debilitated is /2, incapacitated is /4

Trying to add a modifier for another stat did literally nothing, though I suspect the problem I’m having here is tied to the first.

Their full values. Using /2 for a value will always fail.

But even adding line 3 (As below) causes it to stop working:

6 + floor(Athletics / 25) +
Movement_Rate_Tired +

Remember that it needs to be on a single line.

6+floor(Athletics / 25)+Movement_Rate_Tired+Movement_Rate_Wearied

This doesn’t work either, but it is so basic. Could this actually be a bug?

I doubt it is a bug. My calculations get a hell of a lot longer than that.

Perhaps you could invite me to a test game and assign me a copy of that sheet to look at.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Any particular time?

Just accepted the invite. You can assign me the sheet now.

Done. :slight_smile:

You had a typo in the one Stat, and a partial calculation in the second.