The Sad Announcement: Astral is closing it's doors soon

Hello everyone,

Most of you know that OneBookShelf (the parent company of DriveThruRPG and Dungeon Masters Guild) has been maintaining Astral’s servers for a while now. Our initial intent was to keep Astral in operation for the foreseeable future. However, the costs associated with the platform have always exceeded its revenue, and it makes little sense to sustain these costs indefinitely. It will soon be time to shut down the servers for good. The time has come to wind down Astral as gracefully as possible.

Roll20 and OneBookShelf have now announced that they are joining forces, which you can read about here:

We will reach out soon to Astral users with details about the timeline of the planned shutdown and about new options we can provide at that time. In the meantime please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support channels and via Discord.

For my own personal note, I must say that this has been the most fulfilling duty I have ever had. Meeting so many likeminded individuals with the unified goal of creative gaming has been my utmost privilege, and I can’t thank you all enough for making Astral the reality it became, a simply amazing platform.

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Thanks for the good times! I enjoyed playing D&D on your platform. Best wishes in your future endeavors.


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Dang, I only just discovered Astral a couple of weeks ago, and now I have to say goodbye :frowning:
Astral was by far the most intuitive and beautiful virtual tabletop I’ve tried. So sad I won’t be able to continue with it.

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Astral Team!
My friends and me have been using Astral for more than 5 years. It is by far the easiest and useful VTT in the market, and believe me, I have tried a lot of them.
Anyway, it may be a chance to sell the code/website to WotC, in order to link it with DnD Beyond?? Hasbro is searching to develop WotC at the virtual/digital market, so the obvious move after purchasing DnDB is to launch their own VTT. Even more, since Roll20 joined DTRPG, the WotC “list of allies goes thin”, as Elrond said.
Well, thank you very much for every second you guys spent on Astral. It has been a real pleasure.
Best regards fron Chile,
La Forja

Thank you for all the fun.
Been using Astral since the pandemic began and it has made my life easier. Easily the best VTT imo with the ease of using dynamic lighting as its best feature.
I would love to fork the project on Github or any other platform, has there been any discussion on releasing the code to the “public”?
Either way, it’s been a pleasure. From Argentina, wishing you all the best!

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It’s been asked many times, but I’m afraid it won’t happen. To quote from the Discord server:

I’m sorry to say no, when Astral closes, it closes for good, and the source code with it.

seeing how u thought yourself beyond criticism, cuz subscriptions is merely optional and how u treat users, revealing their details and abusing your moderation powers, im glad u r going under. Good riddance.

You will always be in my and my friends heart Astral team!
Thank you for everything, its sad to see this platform go down like this. Its been a good adventure in D&D here in Astral. And we will never forget this platform and the team!
Wish you the best luck forwards!

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This is very sad news.
Astral has become the most convenient and beautiful virtual table for me.
The functionality and features are much better than on other platforms.
Many thanks to the whole team for the work done.
You are great!

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