The One Ring RPG

The One Ring Roleplaying Game

A Character sheet and abbreviated Adversary Sheet, with Custom Dice and Chat assist for tracking relevant Stats.

I’ve attempted to make the sheets as user-friendly as possible to streamline gameplay, so all Skills have an Action bound to them. The Checkboxes work the same way as the tabletop rules and extra actions for rolling PROTECTION DICE have been added to the sheets. Damage is added to the ENCUMBERANCE SCORE by an extra Stat just below the Sheet’s normal ENCUMBERANCE STAT.

The icons used for Sauron, Gandalf, and 6(Tengwar) Aren’t available, so they’re fudged with “Gandalf!”, “Sauron!”, and “Success!” respectively. There is no way currently to differentiate between GREAT SUCCESSES and EXTRAORDINARY SUCCESSES, but the number of “Success!” results are displayed. The Success dice for characters are on a delayed roll, and an alternate roll is included for WEARY/MISERABLE/WOUNDED conditions.

Rolling dice for combat will also send TNs for PROTECTION and WOUNDING to chat as shown below:

@Hind Hello I am bran new to Astral and was looking to see if I could make this myself. SO first thank you for making this One Ring sheet. However, it seems like it hasn’t been approved. Is there a way you can share it with me a different way?

Any help would be appreciated

@roflo1 Seems like the creator of this sheet hasn’t been in the community for over 4 months. Can the project be picked up by someone else since it wasn’t “approved” as of yet?

With One Ring 2e getting a ton of attention this would be a good system to get on Astral

Hi @Archongamer,

We Archmages are only volunteers, so there’s not much I can personally do. And I’m afraid the OP didn’t share the sheet with me. There are a couple of things that can be done:

  1. Start a sheet from scratch (perhaps you’d like to take the task?).
  2. Ask around (perhaps in the Discord server) to see if someone has a copy of the sheet (many users are active over there but rarely log in here).
  3. Try to contact the publisher and let them know you’d appreciate it if they could contact the Astral team so they can approve it and make it available to everyone.

Oh, and if you haven’t read this yet, here’s how Community sheets work:

@roflo1 Thanks for the response. I have started to take a look at it. The many dots on the sheet make it a large task since the copy method doesn’t seem to allow copying more than 1 checkbox at a time. Maybe I am mistaken.

I did personally message the author so we will see. Thanks

Yes, some character sheets may be tedious. And yes, at the moment you have to copy one at a time.

In the meantime, do consider voting for the following request:

Still around, but it’s been a while since I visited the forums. I did put it up for approval, but then I accidently removed the sheet it was linked to a few weeks later.

I’ll resubmit it:

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