The free Astral Adventure, Siege of Kol-Dun, is now available to everyone free of charge!

Good news everyone!

I’ve released the new Astral Adventure: The Siege of Kol-Dun, free to everyone just for being Astralnauts.
This game can be redeemed by clicking on the new option in your homepage. It’s ready-to-play, and comes complete with everything you need, right from the Astral Module.

For everyone’s convenience, I’ve also made the adventure PDF available to all on the DriveThruRPG store, free for everyone:

This adventure is most suitable for a party of 4 5th level characters, and will likely take 2-3 sessions to complete. I hope you enjoy this gift. Please don’t hesitate to let me know your thoughts!

Thanks to everyone who helped make this a reality. Especially @LaMorte, @Annabeth (Consulting) and friends at Mythic Portal Games, Direquest, and the playtesters who volunteered their time to review and provide feedback: Perlox, Roflo1, LaMorte, Lucasticious, Jon, SaharaZod, and Stravix.