The Combat Manager

Why a Combat Manager?

A very suspicious car-salesman-y wall of text is displayed before you, dressed in a checker suit and lines of code…

So, you decided to trade in the old ways of doing things for the future, eh? Of course you did! You know why? Cause you see the winds of change, yes sir! No pulling the wool over your eyes! You are ahead of the literal game, my friend.

Let’s face it. Aside from game prep, combat is the next-most time consuming aspect of Tabletop Gaming. The dice rolls, deciding the turn order, the change of stats, the buffs, damage, resistance, saves… the list goes on. Any extended break or setup to a game affects the player’s experience, so it’s great to have as many useful gadgets as possible to cut down on this interference without affecting immersion.

The Combat Manager can be the tool for you!

What can it do, you ask?

What a nice looking question! As you can see, it can track initiatives, add based on party, location, or custom actors. When you click “Start Combat”, though, that’s when the real magic happens.

As you can see, not only will it track the current combat turn, but you have complete control over this pleasure cruise of an experience! Of course, your players will be able to end their turn at their leisure. No micromanaging or stress included.

The text on your screen gets a little closer and lowers the volume of its characters

If, however, you might have a little surprise for them… Not saying you do… but if you did, you’d have full control on launching such dastardly deeds as you see fit! And to make it even better, the Combat Manager helps you keep track of things In-Game as well!

Yes sirree! It’s got all the bells and whistles, straight out of the store! I tell ya, you and this beauty were made for each other. And the best part is… It’s free…

The text smiles a toothy grin

So what do you say, boss? Will ya sign?

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