The Beacons Are Lit: Astral calls for Beta Testers!


Astral calls for the bravest and most daring to join our Frontier Crew (aka Beta Testers)!

If being the first to step into the unknown is your kind of a mission, join the Beta Testers team and help Astral to excel.

No special skills or knowledge required: get your access to our Beta Space, use the tool as always and report back on bugs, errors or improvements needed. We’ll post more thorough instructions here shortly.

As an added bonus, you’ll get to see our new features and improvements before the general population: come see what we are bringing to the table for you to craft your own stories and have a say in it, too!

To submit your request to join the Beta Testers Team, email to or and don’t forget to include “beta tester” in the subject!



The Beta Team Discord Channel has been created:

Please note that it is only accessible to the staff and the beta team members.