The Barony of Bedegar

The Barony of Bedegar

Hook: The Baron is dead! Slaughtered by orcs, none The royal family were left alive. Lord Saxton rose to the throne of Bedegar and began imposing his iron will upon the people. His iron hand imposed by his Knights of the Three Roses, a brutal order of cut throat mercenaries turned knights.

You have just escaped the grasp of the Emperor Inquisitors, still bound by the collar around your neck, the mysterious figure that freed you pointed you towards the wizard Tace and that your best place to find him would be the town of Gravesford.
Game time: Friday or Saturday at 830pm PDT
Will be using Kingdoms and Warfare, Strongholds and Followers, Arcadia, and a lot of other homebrew, aiming for a gritty more unforgiving campaign.

Platform: Astral Tabletop/Discord for voice

Min age rating: 18+

This is not a very beginner friendly campaign

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I’d also recommend you drop your LFG post in our Discord forums with the same information, it could help get more eyes on. I’ve noticed that a lot of people active on the forums aren’t on our Discord, and vice versa.

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Already did thank you!

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I also highly recommend as they have almost perfected the art of Looking for Groups and Looking for Players.