The Astral Elite: What does Pro give you?


So what do you get for your Pro Membership?

Pro memberships include extra features and a large selection of Mythic Portal’s asset packs. With a Pro Membership, features such as Weather Control, Night/Day toggle, etc are unlocked for the GM’s in-game experience. These, plus many more features to come, are available for paid subscribers. Here’s an overview of Subscription levels and their benefits:

Why Pro? What if I don’t want to pay?

Here at Astral, we put an emphasis on the importance of being able to run Tabletop Games regardless of how much you can pay. That’s why we offer all of our map building tools and everything you need to run games, free of charge! With an Astral Free account, our community members can make maps, have up to 1 GB of storage on the house, create dynamic lighting, create characters and NPCs, then import all of these to a game where you and your players can make the story come to life. We want everyone to be able to use Astral, always.

What about the extra assets? Do I keep them? What about assets I buy from the Marketplace?

Creating maps is something that we feel we excel at. The more assets we have, the more intricate and immersive experience we can make for our players. With the Pro Membership subscription, you receive over 6,000 assets from Mythic Portal for the duration of your subscription. Here’s an overview of assets made available to Pro Subscribers:

It’s important to note that any assets you purchase from the Marketplace will be yours forever! Even if you choose to end your subscription, you won’t lose assets that you purchased from the Marketplace.

Remember, if you ever have any questions regarding assets or our Subscription options, reach out to us at

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