Text Scale

This might just be a bug but I’d like to be able to have a fixed size sidebar and fixed size text for the map. Whenever I zoom in or out on a map the sidebar also zooms in and out even in a popped out window. My dm likes to use larger maps and if I have the whole map in frame my sidebar will be zoomed out to a point that it’s completely unreadable. This also makes text on the map such as the text from measuring distance to be tiny too. I like that the icons scale with the map but I am constantly zooming in to read the chat and zooming out to see what’s going on in the game.

Hi @Trombear,

That does sound like a bug. How are you zooming in? You’re not using Ctrl+scroll to zoom right?

Does this happen on all maps?

@Trombear That sounds like Browser Zoom instead of map zoom. Try clicking on the map then using your mouse wheel to zoom out.