Ten Candles Template

What is the game system your template is for?:
Ten Candles, from Calvary Games

Brief summary of this template:

  • Animated map, with ten tea candles that can be blow out by the players (triggers)

  • Stylized player sheet, composed by 5 cards + stats of how many candles are still lit and how many ones were rolled (player must feed these values) and check-boxes for burned traits

  • Stylized GM sheet, composed by 3 cards: The nature of Them and two cards for important notes and places. With stats for how many candles are still lit and how many ones were rolled by the players in the current scene (feed by the GM)

  • Burn action will appear as text in the chat windows. Stylized dice pool rolls counts success and fumbles for easier visualization.

Link to character template:
Player Sheet:

GM sheet:

Map Image: there is a trigger only visible to the GM to lit all candles at once

Sheets Image:

Invite for the game, feel free to take a peak:

Additional information:
The players only need to think about their traits and write them in a private message to the GM so he can write it on the correct Characters Notes. From there the player can place it on their cards and shuffle them around (move the text) to create the stack. When it’s time to burn the trait click on the correct action button and mark the correct ‘burned’ check box in the card.

My only question is how many laptops / tablets you go through in a session while burning your character sheets? :grin:

It cost me one desktop, two notebooks and an cellphone to play this. And everyone died at the end! Totally worth it, 10/10 would play again :smiley: