I seem to be missing something but, I am going to run a game of Delta Green. I’ve already created the character sheet. How do I now that that the default for everyone.

Additionally I’m working on a creature quick reference sheet for the monsters. How do I put those in the ‘Quick Creatures’ section like there is for D&D?

Is there some sort of flag that the UI uses to determine that?


Hi @Eiredrake

Firstly, you need to create a post in Community Content and submit your sheets, both the character sheet and your NPC template, for inclusion into Astral.

As for adding your own NPCs as entries for the Quick Add Creatures section, the team is still working on making that publicly available.

I created a post detailing how the community sheets work here:

Was thinking more like making them the default template for my own game rather than making them the ‘definitive’ template for public use. I suppose I could and I will read the article noted but it’s not like I came up with the original form it’s just an export from the Delta Green PDF that I’ve put fields on.

If I were to sit down and create my own character sheet for a game I imagine you’d still need permission from the publisher correct?

Hi @Eiredrake

Astral would need permission from the publisher if they wanted to make the sheet available to the public, but you can do whatever you want with your own sheets.